Oct 31, 2010

I-Ching and Six-element theory

This comment was made:

...... How does this system tie into the hexagram I ching system, if at all? 

First, we need to realize that the hexagram goes back almost 5000 years. It is very old and comes from the days when the sixth element, Seed, existed.

Obviously the six elements and the hexagram are very similar in nature. Hexagram has six lines and each line is Yin or Yang. Just like six elements with a Yin and a Yang meridian.

Now, there is really only one way to view a hexagram according to six-element theory. You have to use trigrams because they have been used since the oldest known records of the I-ching. 
The bottom trigram is the Yin triangle of Essence and the upper trigram is the Yang triangle of Essence. In this way, six-element theory would say that a certain configuration of Yang activity is transforming a certain configuration of Yin substance.
In this hexagram, the Yang triangle of Essence is pure Yin. Thus, the lines in the upper trigram correspond to the yin meridians of the Yang Essence, namely of Hand-YIn (Heart, Lung and Pericardium).
These Yin meridians are actually more dynamic than their Yang counterparts (Small Intestine, Large Intestine and San Jiao). If all the lines were solid in the Yang trigram, it would be less dynamic. The Hand-Yang meridians oversee and regulate activity, but the Hand-Yin meridians are more restless, energetic, impulsive and even more prone to panic attacks... (see page 82 of book)
So, even though this Yang Essence trigram is all Yin, it is the most actively dynamic and potentially unstable of all Yang Essence trigrams.

Oct 30, 2010

The Mother of five-element theory

A long-time associate (he was the most active member of a discussion group I had), would like to talk a little about the connection between the un-manifested (six elements) and the manifested (five elements).

Let me just give a simple image for you to work with. The six elements is the mother of the five elements.
Get a good image of the cycle of six elements.... now imagine it giving birth from its essence... what comes forth is the five-element cycle..... The mother then cares for the child throughout life.

Refer to the first quote of chapter 8 by Zhang Jiebin on page 35 of book. His reference to "Earth through the Six" refers to a mother. ... It´s like the idea of "Mother Earth"..

You know, I should really add this to the book.

Update:  And I did... I added this to the ebook...

Why no index?

Someone asked.... why isn´t there an index at the end of the book?

The answer is simple. With an ebook, if you want to look up a word, you just do a search for the word. Actually you can search for words that might not even be in the index.

Anyways I tried an index and it was crazy. For a word like Spleen there were a godzillion references.

Important Inspirations from Lonny Jarret

Many years ago. I can´t remember how many. I was a member of Lonny Jarret´s discussion group for Nourishing Destiny. He would challenge my views on six elements. We had long long discussions with long posts. I remember. He and some members of his group didn´t agree but they did discuss it. I have a tremendous respect for Lonny Jarret.

He received a copy of the ebook today and liked it because of its model. He says a model is important.

But there is something else important to him. He told almost 2 years ago that a book should add to the vertical development of Acupuncture. This means deepening the spiritual path. Most writers expand what is already known.

My book has plenty of spiritual depth, in addition to the views of meridian theory that have never been seen anywhere else. To me the spherical theory is clear and true. I have lived with it for many years. But I need to understand that it is new for everyone else.

The title of his book, Nourishing Destiny, I think captures the essence of five-element theory. The title of my book, Creating Life, captures the essence of six-element theory.The titles complement each other.

This book opens doors to a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine. I am not sure if our generation will catch on fast enough to the spherical flow. But the future generations will take it and do wonderful things with it.

So I want to thank Lonny Jarret for always being right there... willing to talk and challenge me.

Oct 29, 2010

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Oct 28, 2010

eBook is ready and available

I just got through converting the book from word to pdf. It is now ready. It is an ebook.
The rain is coming down now outside.

eBook is coming

I have finished the book.... FINALLY... . I am now working on getting the book up to this blog site. It will be in PDF format.

Oct 27, 2010

Welcome to the Six Elements blog

This blog will talk all about what is happening with Six Element theory and the Spherical Meridian Flow. .Thank you for your interest.