Oct 29, 2010

Ask a question or give an idea

If you have a question or comment unrelated to any of the posts, enter it below... Then I´ll post about it, if it is appropriate of course.


  1. Hi Edward, interesting theories!
    Out of curiosity, have you an answer to why there is a circle or loop in the kidney channel at the inner ankle, and not in the bladder channel at the outer ankle?
    Best regard,

    Stefano M.

  2. Hi Stefano,
    Do you wonder why the Bladder meridian has two distinct lines going down the back and down the leg? Do you wonder why the Gall Bladder meridian goes backward on the head all the way to GB14 on the forehead?
    Years ago I meditated on the Heart meridian and felt a point around 3 or 4 cun from the wrist. It was not in the books, but I felt it. Then one day I was going through the school library and saw the point on an old drawing. So someone else had felt it too. Why that point was not officially included, I don't know.
    The thing to do is meditate with the kidney meridian. Feel the points. and then at the ankle, see if you feel a swirl, or maybe an eddy of a river. Kidney is of the Water element. Then what you feel determines how you understand it.

  3. After I purchase the book, where do I download it?

  4. After I buy the ebook, where do I download it? WIll I get an email?

  5. Hi Edward,

    sounds very interesting to me.
    I wonder if i still can buy your ebook?
    Because there is no activity in your blog anymore.

    looking forward to hear from you.


    1. Hello Tommy,
      The book is definitely still available and people continue to buy it. I was locked out of my blog for a long time. But your message made me solve the problem. Now I can manage my blog here again.
      Can you see how to purchase the ebook? There is a link above the multi-colored 6 element flower on the right above.

  6. Hi Edward,

    Where can I buy a printed version of Creating Life?



    1. Anon,
      I have no printed copy. You would buy the ebook and then print it out. Click on the cover of the book up and to the right. There you can buy the ebook. I only have the ebook.

      Ed Lambert

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