Dec 30, 2010

Sphere in China

In the forbidden palace in Beijing, China, there are two lion statues. One lion is female and one is male. The male lion has its paw over a sphere. (click on picture and then focus in on the sphere to get a good look.)
 There is a design around the sphere which is the Seed of Life pattern.

The Seed of Life pattern is formed in 6 elements. The history of this pattern is very ancient. The meaning is faded and forgotten over the ages.
But what does the sphere under the lion's paw represent? ... It represents the totality of Buddhist law.
What is the totality of Buddhist law? ... The spherical Heart at the center of our being and all that it represents; consciousness, power, dharma, our eternal nature, and much more. The spherical Heart has a structure based on 6 elements.
The spherical meridian flow reflects this sphere of Buddhist law.

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