Nov 24, 2010

5th step of Physical Order - Qi Gong

We have done the first 4 steps. The first 4 steps form a group. In those steps the body is relaxed, and the spirit fills the body. The 4 steps define that process simply and profoundly.

Now we begin the next four steps which form another group. Let´s start with step 5.

The symbol here is Cardinal-fire, the Heart meridian. This symbol initiates and activates activity. So after step 4 you are relaxed, your body is full of spirit, and spirit is connecting to all the parts of the body.
What happens next?

It is like you wake up and start stretching your body. You move one part of your body at a time and stretch it. (If you have ever seen a solar flare stretch from the surface of the sun, you can use this as an image to guide the movement.) You continue to activate more and more body parts, arms, hands, fingers, legs, knees, feet, toes, shoulders, neck, eyes, tongue, lips, mouth, and so on......It´s kind of like you are doing a "system´s check" to make sure that everything is connected and working.

Breathing.... when you activate a body part, breath out through pursed lips, as forcefully as you do the movement.  If you just stretch your arm gently, gently exhale through pursed lips. This is a fire breath.

You can use this step in weight-lifting too. Let´s say for example that you want to lift a weight with your right arm. Use the first four steps to relax your arm and breath Qi into it. When you feel the Qi ready in your arm, you use that power to lift the weight. As you practice the first 5 steps more and more, of course you will be able to do them more quickly and with more power for any weight-lifting movement, even just bending over and lifting a box.

Also, there is a technique in Hawaiian spirituality for moving the body. It is called twitching. When you feel tension in a body part, or you feel that your spirit is not connected to a part body, you twitch that area with a quick shake. The idea is to bring awareness to the area and quickly shake off the tension. I am not a big fan of the technique, but I mention it because it is related to this step.

I think this explanation is simple enough to get the idea. I´ll wait to see if there are any questions.

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